Slow Computer?

We give priority to the most urgent cases where perhaps a public organization or private business cannot operate or where its data security may become compromised without prompt action. Sometimes, if the problem is not very serious we can tell you how to fix something relatively simple over the phone and we’re happy to do that and hope that you will keep us in mind for any more serious problems that may occur or even recommend us to friends and colleagues.

Almost nothing is as irritating as losing a service that you have come to rely on and is an important part of your business or personal life. We understand that you don’t mean next week but now – “my computer needs fixing as soon as possible”. Our core business is computer support.

With years of experience in the laptop hardware and software repair industry there is not many problems that we cannot fix. Our experienced team of IT engineers can deal with many IT Technical issues and are able to resolve most tasks first time. We offer a wide range of services at a competitive price and with fully trained and experienced people there to help give guidance when you need it most.

Many PC users are unaware that a simple Computer upgrade can greatly enhance how you work.  Many people use a Computer for leisure and with a software/hardware upgrade, this becomes faster and easier. 

Upgrade your PC or laptop

Karl Healy

Karl Healy

Founder and lead Technician